Little Lambs Nursery [0-3 years old]

What It Is About:
This program uses guided play, simple stories and crafts, and beloved rituals to create a safe and loving environment for little ones to learn about God. The curriculum is designed to give an overview of the Bible each year. Beginning with stories of creation, children learn about God’s care for the world. They then learn of God’s love for his people in the Old Testament, celebrate the birth of Jesus, and hear stories of his life, death, and resurrection. The children learn that God’s Spirit was sent to empower all of us to tell the good news to others. The ultimate goal of introducing little ones to God’s stories and God’s love is to plant seeds so that our little lambs will fall in love with and want to follow Jesus, their Good Shepherd.

Our Gift to You:

  • Safe, clean, loving care for our youngest kids where they discover the love of Jesus for them!
  • Adults who care about children and want to be with them.
  • Easy access for parents (bring your child up whenever is best for y’all).
  • Nursery begins after opening worship songs and children’s prayer. If you want to bring your child just for the sermon, you can come up during the passing of the peace. Parents come and get their children at the start of communion.

What We Ask:

  • Parents drop off and pick up their child from the nursery room. Leave us an Info Card and write your cell phone number on the white board. If we need you to come up, we will text you. If you don’t use text messaging, just let us know.
  • Bring children who are well only, to prevent spread of illness.
  • Please label all items for your child (sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, etc.), and be sure you have everything you brought when you leave! We can’t promise that anything left in the playroom will still be there the next week.