Small Groups are the web of life-giving gatherings that connect our daily lives to the shared life of Durham Church. Small Groups are gatherings of 8-10 people that meet weekly in members’ homes. Small Groups begin throughout the year, so if you are new to our community, there will soon be an opportunity to join a group. To join one, email Franklin with your interest. Groups meet for a year, and then go through a transition period as new people enter and exit.

Why do we have Small Groups? 

To follow Jesus together in ways that we can’t on our own. Jesus in his wisdom never sent people out to wander alone – Instead he tells us to walk together as we seek the Kingdom of God. Through the real voices, stories, and wisdom of others in our church family, we will learn to hear God’s voice, take baby steps toward faithfulness, confess our brokenness and complicity in powers/principalities, and learn from our own and one another ‘ attempts at following Jesus.

To choose vulnerability and learn forgiveness. We believe that God chooses us in intimacy and walks with us in love, so we choose one another, knowing that leads us into vulnerability. We know we will get hurt and will hurt others, and we trust that, through the Spirit, we will forgive and be forgiven. We imagine a community where hurt and failure do not end relationships, but instead create opportunities for transformation as we witness God’s faithfulness and re-commit to following Jesus.

To connect Sunday worship to the fabric of our daily lives. The challenge of the time we live in is isolation. As a new church, many of us feel lonely because we don’t know one another well, and Sundays alone cannot give us the depth of knowing and being known that we long for. Most days, we are confused about how to follow Jesus in our real, messy, daily lives. Spending time together on a regular basis is itself an act of discipleship, reminding us that Durham Church is not a building. We are a people walking with Jesus together.