It’ll be okay. We know that coming to church is scary, whether it is your first time walking in a church’s doors or if you’ve been doing it all your life. Knowing what to expect helps take out some of that fear. It’s a big deal to consider worshipping at a new place, so we will do our very best to make it okay with a genuine welcome, a chance to ask questions and our prayers!

Where to go:

2504 N. Roxboro Street, park in the parking lot or if you are on foot, head straight in the front double doors.

What to expect:

We are an intimate community of all ages, worshiping Jesus together. We don’t dress up. People will almost certainly say hi, whether you are a newcomer or not, and during the passing of the peace, everyone gets out of their seats to exchange hugs and welcomes. We have communion every week, and the service lasts 90 minutes.

What about music?

On any particular Sunday, you may hear praise songs, gospel music, hymns, songs in spanish, or music a capella. You may see a few singers or a full, loud band. The key to our music is what you don’t see or hear — the relationships formed among our volunteer band members who grow in love through sharing music they love. We believe that love can carry us through our preferences and our comfort and into deep joy, as we discover new expressions of worship through others in our church family.