Living In Truth (Teresa of Avila)

The Lord said to me:
"Very few there are who love me in truth.
For to love me in this way is to know that everything that is not pleasing to me is a deception.
But if you love me in truth
I will not hide anything from you."

I see now that it is a great blessing
to set no store by anything that is not true,
anything that is not pleasing to my Lord.

I now look upon anything
that is not directed to the service of God
as vanity and deception.
I have become firmly resolved
to carry out with all my might even the smallest detail of divine scripture.
I have come to believe
that there is no obstacle that I cannot overcome
in my desire to live in the truth,
to speak only of things that are true,
that is, things that bring us closer to God,
that go far beyond any worldly wisdom.

The Lord has invited us to walk in truth
in the presence of Truth itself

The truth of which the Lord speaks
 is Truth without beginning or end.
Upon this Truth all other truths depend
just as all other loves depend on this Love
and all other greatness upon this Greatness.

For it comes down to this:
The Lord is Truth itself.
All else is a lie.

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